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Community Montessori was approved by the San Diego County Office of Education in July 2018, and  currently serves approximately 650 students in grades K-8. As a County Wide Charter our students may attend one of five resource centers located throughout San Diego county, and are on a Montessori home study program. 
Community Montessori is committed to respecting the talents and interests of the individual child while implementing Montessori teaching principles. Our goal is to foster in our children a strong sense of independence, creativity, respect for others, appreciation of diversity in people, and a deep and joyful love of learning.

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At A Glance

  • First County Wide Charter in San Diego
  • 100% Montessori Trained Teachers
  • 5 Resource Centers in San Diego County
  • Monthly Field Trips
  • Music and Spanish Programs
  • 1st Tuition Free Montessori School in San Diego

What to Consider When Choosing A Charter School

Facts to consider when choosing a Charter School for enrollment or employment:
Summer school
            Summer school is intended for struggling students (aka credit recovery and/or remediation), not summer camp.  If the school is offering payment for summer camp or travel, it is likely beyond the acceptable use of public funds. The state of California funds up to 175 days of average daily attendance (ADA) per year for independent study. A school collecting funds beyond that is likely working the system to collect ADA beyond the legal amount.