Tune In November 18th: 2020 North County Philanthropy Council 2020 Volunteer Awards

As you know from last year, Element Education is a member of the North County Philanthropy Council, and each year we highlight a volunteer of the year at their event. This year we have chosen to recognize Barbara Rohrer, our Governing Board member of more than a decade. Since 2006, Barbara Rohrer has served in various capacities of the Governing Board and helped connect the organization and the public. As a life-long education servant, she is consistently reflecting, prepared, inquisitive, and supportive, thus serving as both a role model and the “glue” that keeps the board and school administration together, accountable, and effective.
Ms. Rohrer is a former educator, district administrator, and Valley Center Board member, and continues to serve education through her associations with Kiwanis, ACSA-R, the CDE Nutrition Advisory, and of course, our charter organization. She has been a cornerstone of our governance keeping administration on task and mentoring new board members all while keeping what is best for students at the forefront.
We are looking forward to honoring Barbara at the 2020 North County Philanthropy Council Volunteer Awards on Thursday, November 19 at 3:00 PM.
We invite you to watch on KOCT-TV or YouTube Live.
Below is the link for YouTube.