COVID-19 Update and Element Schools as of 3.13.20

Dear Families,

In this unprecedented time, one must practice ‘followship,’ fellowship, and leadership. While it is important to honor the recommendations put forth by the health department and public officials, we cannot give up our personal responsibility to do what’s right for our families and local communities – to take the lead regarding self and social accountability.  

The Element Team remains dedicated to your family as we work collaboratively to navigate your child’s educational journey, and the staff of Community Montessori (CM) and Dimensions Collaborative (DCS) have been working together tirelessly.  Like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, they are two great programs that complement each other.  As the two join forces, we find our organization focused on solutions to make the best of the current situation, supporting each other personally and professionally.  

The plan for our graduation ceremonies is under way.  While we can say with certainty, we will not all gather in the same location for the event, we guarantee a memorable celebration.   

All Learning Centers remain closed until further notice, which will likely be the remainder of the school year, and virtual workshops, tutoring, and collaboration will continue.   You should expect to have even more contact with your child’s Educational Facilitators and Instructors than usual these last two months of the school year.

Emotions in our communities are high, spanning from fear to frustration, thus requiring more grace and less judgement as we all seek balance for our new normal.  With the new gift of time resulting from less commuting and fewer social obligations, we can use that time to breathe, contemplate, communicate, and connect.  Our sanity relies on our ability to think differently and maintain a positive mindset of growth and opportunity.  

Lois Ingber, Element Education Behavioral Counselor, will be hosting a virtual forum for parents beginning on April 14, 2020.  “Silver Lining Parenting” offers a virtual forum for Element parents to navigate the inherent challenges and opportunities stay-at-home learning and living present. This service is offered at no charge to Element Education families. We invite you to join us.

It has been a very trying three weeks, and we are all looking forward to some time to decompress.   While our bodies must remain at home and practice social distancing when out, our minds have no limits. Consider taking the family on a virtual vacation.  You can go as close as the San Diego Zoo: , as far as Mars: , or maybe just across an ocean to the Great Wall of China: or the Louvre Museum in Paris:  Perhaps our weather will support a “camping trip” in the backyard.  No backyard?  Rainy weather? Try the living room.  No tent?   Grab some blankets.  The possibilities are endless…when we put our minds to it.  

Best wishes for an adventurous spring break.  We look forward to reconnecting again when we return April 13.  


Terri Novacek
Executive Director



What You Should Know

When children and youth watch news on TV about an infectious disease outbreak, read about it in the news, or overhear others discussing it,they can feel scared, confused, or anxious—as much as adults. This is true even if they live far from where the outbreak is taking place and are at little to no actual risk of getting sick. Young people react to anxiety and stress differently than adults. Some may react right away; othersm ay show signs that they are having a difficult time much later. As such, adults do not always know when a child needs help.This tip sheet will help parents, caregivers,and teachers learn some common reactions,respond in a helpful way, and know when toseek support.